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Capcom Arcade Stadium gameplay optimization - increase framerate FPS - boost performance - smoother gameplay without less stuttering and freezes - fix crashes

Capcom Arcade Stadium

Gameplay optimization

Capcom Arcade Stadium is optimized and not so by the creator and some players need to have fps or to get rid of fps dropping issues or also freeze problems.

Capcom Arcade Stadium Some can have also after fps drop, stuttering or , can have crash to desktop or crash of dead windows.

So, to solve all these and much including, stability and performance, download and install latest graphics driver (learn here how to do it) and then follow our setup guide.

Note for Capcom Arcade Stadium! It is very very important to have latest amd or nvidia graphics driver installed !! (see guide above)

See tutorials, questions and comments

For AMD Capcom Arcade Stadium l

Now, if you have graphics driver updated, right click on desktop and select:

AMD Radeon settings then select Gaming, and then choose your game

Attention ! If Capcom Arcade Stadium is not in the Gaming profile list, add it from Add button (is on right corner in gaming section)

Now the most important set is to switch Texture Filtering Quality from Standard to Performance !

See the screenshot for Capcom Arcade Stadium and do it on your device !

Capcom Arcade Stadium

That was for AMD Radeon users, now let`s see next

For Nvidia GeForce players

Ok, for Nvidia GeForce is easy. Just again right click on desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel and then select Adjust imager settings with preview and move the slider to Performance.

Capcom Arcade Stadium

But, very important ! Be sure that your game will run with your dedicated video card !

How to do that ? Select Manage 3D settings

Now add Capcom Arcade Stadium, then select Use global settings (Auto-select NVIDIA GPU)

And Capcom Arcade Stadium will run much much better than Capcom Arcade Stadium !

Capcom Arcade Stadium

For Intel HD Graphics (usualy for laptops)

Right click on desktop and select: Graphics Properties -> Advnced Mode -> 3D

Now, in 3D mode (as you see in screenshot) you need to move slider to the left into Performance and then Apply and Capcom Arcade Stadium will run smother than Capcom Arcade Stadium.

Capcom Arcade Stadium

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Guide created by Sandu Lobada today

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