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Far Cry Primal How to perform multiple kill streak - kill more than one with takedown skill

Far Cry Primal

How to perform multiple kills when starting a takedown faster than you think.

You can takedown multiple enemy like in Far Cry 4 preaty early in game if you know where to go and what to do.

The secret is to choose Karoosh first and bring it to your village.

Some tips for this guide:

This is very important skill to quickly kill multiple enemy.

Go to Karoosh icon and help him with Udam corpses and then after the quest is finished, will be available in your village.

Build a hut for Karoosh once is in your village, earn some skill points and unlock chain takedown skill.

How to use chain takedown skill ?

Press F to start takedown, and then just wait and press A or D depends where the near enemy are next and the takedown will continue.

Good Luck.

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To understand better, look at my screenshot:


Far Cry Primal Chain takedown skill (need 4 skill points)

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Far Cry Primal for PC only

Far Cry Primal multiple kills with takedown skill.

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