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Far Cry Primal How to find, hunt and skin badger - Badger locations on map

Far Cry Primal

How to find and kill badgers ? You need badger skin to complete a quest or to upgrade something ? Then we can tell you that the easy way to hunt badgers is near the Cave of Hasari (see map bellow).

Some tips for this guide:

Note! Go near the cave of hasari entrance at day light without your PET Beast !

Hunt the badger from above easily with the bow !

Then look to undiscovered places and kill all enemy from the area and then a badger will attack you.

You can search the entire area and also another badger will appear but without your beast because you can scare him, and will flee.

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To understand better, look at my screenshot:


Badger spotted screenshot

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Far Cry Primal for PC only

Far Cry Primal how to hunt / kill a badger and also badger location !

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